Month: April 2015

The Manthan School – Weaving Stories of Success

The Manthan School is renowned for its transparent policies and wants to establish a foothold as one of the best schools in Noida. Exceptional facilities and brilliant faculty are advantages associated with the institution. Further, it has immense potential to develop as an outstanding day care in Noida.

The school aims to offer quality education to kids and will soon be affiliated to the CBSE board. On account of excellent infrastructure, the school is aiming to evolve as one of the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and position itself as one of the best schools in Delhi NCR.

The infrastructure of the school is detailed below:

  • Fine Art Studio
  • Acting Studio
  • Language Studio
  • Class Rooms
  • Working walls
  • Composite Lab
  • Music and Dance Room
  • Skates and Skittles Floor
  • Basketball Court
  • Facilities for tennis
  • Table Tennis facilities

Excellent nutrition is offered to the kids at the school. Extended day care service has the potential to develop the institution as a splendid creche in Noida. The school also excels in offering extra – curricular activities related to sports, debates, dance, drama, arts and crafts and music. Aiming to create an ambience where kids can evolve as better human beings; the school aims to set various benchmarks in the educational domain.

The Manthan School – Exceptional Amenities to the Fore

The Manthan School is focused on developing as one of the best schools in Noida and amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. A stimulating ambience defines the teaching procedures adopted at the educational institution. Moreover, it aims to create exceptional citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

The school is poised to be affiliated to the prestigious CBSE board. Moreover, the primary classes’ curriculum is developed with respect to NCERT guidelines. Further, it has also developed state of the art facilities in order to fulfill its desire of evolving as an excellent day care in Noida.

Kids need some extended nutrition and the Manthan School takes care of their varied requirements. Offering healthy food with vital nutrients is a specialty associated with this institution. Furthermore, transport facility is also offered by the school authorities.


The curriculum will provide exceptional facilities to kids for their personal, social and emotional development. Availability of some awesome extra-curricular activities also enhances the school’s standing amongst its competitors. Moreover, the school excels in offering some amazing experiences as far as the science and technology departments are concerned.

Amazing infrastructure is a pivotal hallmark associated with the Manthan School. Availability of an acoustic box offers kids the opportunity to record their concerns and thoughts. The school councilor analyses the child’s requirements and helps in solving his problems. Further, a kid’s heart’s vibrations can be also heard through the sound box.

Some other amenities involve a Chill out zone, Sprinkler Park and Green globe amongst others. The Manthan School offers dance and music lessons along with regular studies. Be a part of this amazing institution and experience a charming ambience.